Jean-Michel Veillon & Nicolas Quemener en concert à Breite63′, Sarrebrück, Allemagne le 25 février 2022

Jean-Michel Veillon & Nicolas Quemener en concert à Breite63′, Sarrebrück, Allemagne le 25 février 2022

25 February 2022 @ 20h00 – 21h30
Breite 63'
Breite Str. 63 - 66115 Saarbrücken - Allemagne
15 €
+ 49 0681- 59097899

JEAN-MICHEL VEILLON ist einer der bekanntesten und virtuosesten Flötisten der keltischen Musik insgesamt.

Er war einer der ersten Musiker, der die Holzquerflöte an das bretonische Repertoire anpasste. Er trug wesentlich zur Verbreitung dieses Instruments in der bretonischen Musik bei und ist ein begnadeter Lehrer unzähliger Flötisten. Eine große Fangemeinde erspielte er sich mit bekannten Bands wie BARZAZ, KORNOG, PENNOU SKOULM.

Ähnlich bekannte Bands stehen auch auf der Liste von NICOLAS QUEMENER, dessen elegantes Gitarrenspiel und markante Gesangsstimme in Bands wie der RONAN LE BARS GROUP, HÉRITAGE DES CELTES und als Gitarrist von GILLES SERVAT brillierten.

Born on the north coast of Brittany, Jean-Michel Veillon was first a dancer and then a bombard* player in his teens. He then started to play the transverse wooden flute, getting his first influences from various Irish flute players, but then created distinct articulation techniques, more adapted to the Breton music.

Jean-Michel toured Europe and the U.S extensively from the 1980’s until today as a founder member of the highly praised KORNOG, PENNOÙ SKOULM, DEN, BARZAZ, TOUD’SAMES, Alain GENTY Group, Dan AR BRAZ & l’Héritage des Celtes, Jacques PELLEN & Celtic Procession (jazz and trad fusion), and recently toured with the prestigious tabla player ZAKIR HUSSAIN, recording a live CD (« Distant Kin ») at the San Francisco Jazz Center together with Indian, Scottish and Irish musicians.

Widely credited with introducing the simple system wooden flute into Breton folk music and primarly responsible for its enthusiastic adoption among many young musicians throughout Brittany, Jean-Michel has achieved widespread recognition as one of world’s premier traditional flute players.

[* Bombard : old type of very loud double reed oboe, almost an emblem of Brittany]

After having spent a few years in Ireland, where he regularly played music in pubs, Nicolas Quémener was invited to join ARCADY, a famous traditional Irish music band based in Galway. After he came back to Brittany in 1993, it didn’t take long until his excellent guitar playing and beautiful voice were noticed and highly praised by all Breton musicians.

First Nicolas became one of the founder members of the wonderful fest-noz group SKEDUZ. Then he played for several years with prestigious artists like the singer Gilles SERVAT, the electric guitarist DAN AR BRAZ & l’Héritage des Celtes, the jazz guitarist Jacques PELLEN  and Celtic Procession, and also with several great bands like CELTIC FIDDLE FESTIVAL (Kevin Burke, Christian Lemaitre, Charlie McKerron, André Brunet.), KORNOG, PENNOÙ SKOULM, Ronan LE BARS GROUP, etc. Nicolas also did a lot of duo and trio work, with the accordionist Audrey LE JOSSEC, with the fiddlers Nicola HAYES & Yuna LEON, the piper and accordionist Loïc & Ronan BLÉJEAN, to name only a few.